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The original two founders of the Sons Of Sam Motorcycle Club have been riding since they were teenagers. The idea of starting a motorcycle club has always been a topic of discussion. The concept of a military support motorcycle club came about while one founder was deployed overseas to Iraq. Upon return from Iraq they officially established the Sons Of Sam Motorcycle Club. The purpose of this motorcycle club is to ride motorcycles and support the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who sacrifice their time, family, and some even their lives to our nation’s freedom.

On June 1, 2008 the Sons Of Sam became an official motorcycle club. The Sons of Sam Motorcycle Club’s original charter was founded in Syracuse, New York. The Mother Chapter grew steadily since its inception.

Our colors are red, white, and blue. These colors represent the same principals as the American flag, as well as the support of our armed forces past, present, and future. The center patch of the Sons Of Sam is a biker’s depiction of Uncle Sam, thus leading to the name Sons Of Sam. Our nation’s founding fathers chose these colors to represent our country; our club founders chose these colors to support our nation.

After bike shows many events and thousand of miles later, here we stand the Sons Of Sam Motorcycle Club. Through our well disciplined ranks and perseverance we move forward to our goal of supporting the United States Armed Forces. The Sons Of Sam provide runs and benefits to show our dedication to our military. We ride in support of our troops because we know freedom is surely not free! Armed Services Links Link to the Army.com The Navy.com Link to the Air Force Link to the Marines Link to the Coast Guard copyright